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Blockchain Network Theory

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Blockchain Network Theory

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Contact information: MelanieSwan.com/contact.html.


Purdue University, Fall 2018 Course Summary

Course Dates: Alternating Thursdays (8/30, 9/13, 9/27, 10/11, 10/25, 11/8, (no class 11/22), 12/6): Time and Location: 4:30-6:20 WANG 4070; Syllabus PDF

Course Instructor: Melanie Swan, Office: BRNG 7154, Office Hours: Mon, 12:30-1:30 and by appointment

Course Description: This is an 8-week course discussing contemporary research regarding blockchain technology and network science. Revolving discussion leaders (Please use this Blank Matrix). A diversity of approaches, theories, applications, methods, and authors is considered. Discussion is inclusive. Blockchain technology and networks will be defined and explained. No prerequisites. 

Final Presentation Materials: Guidelines PPT, Template PPT


Background Texts 

Swan, Melanie. (2015). Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy. O'Reilly;  (2017). Blockchain Technology Explained? PDF2018). What is Blockchain? PDF

Morabito, Vincenzo. (2017). Business Innovation Through Blockchain: The B3 Perspective. Springer. PDF

Bheemaiah, Kariappa. (2017). The Blockchain Alternative: Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy and Economic Theory. Springer. PDF

Narayanan, Arvind, et. al. (2016). Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction. Princeton University Press. PDF-Ch1 PDF-Ch2

Kuo Chuen, David Lee and Deng, Robert H. (2017). Handbook of Blockchain, Digital Finance, and Inclusion. Elsevier. Slides.


Week 1: 8/30


Introduction What is Blockchain?


Week 2: 9/13


Blockchain: Bitcoin White Paper

Nakamoto, S. (2008). Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. PDF

Networks: Network Science Overview

Brandes, U., Robins, G., McCranie, A., and Wasserman, S. (2013). What is network science? Network Science. (1):1–15. PDF 

Week 3: 9/27

Blockchain: Business intro

Morabito, V. (2017). Business Innovation Through Blockchain: The B3 Perspective. Springer. Ch 1: The Blockchain Paradigm. PDF

Networks: Social and Economics Networks Intro 

Jackson, M.O. (2008). Social and Economic Networks. Princeton University Press. Ch 1: Introduction to Social and Economic Networks: 17-38. PDF

Week 4: 10/11 

Blockchain: Water ICT (Information and Communications Technology)

Lin, Y.-P., et. al. (2017). Blockchain: The Evolutionary Next Step for ICT E-Agriculture. Environments. 4(50):1-13. PDF optional #1 optional #2

Networks: Small-world and Scale-free Properties 

Sohn, I. (2017). Small-World and Scale-Free Network Models for IoT Systems. Mobile Information Systems. Pp. 1-9. PDF

Week 5: 10/25

Blockchain: Agribusiness

Kim H., Laskowski, M. (2017). Agriculture on the Blockchain: Sustainable Solutions for Food, Farmers, and Financing. Blockchain Research Institute. PDF

Networks: Trust in Social Networks 

Sherchan, W., Nepal, S., and Paris, C. (2013). A Survey of Trust in Social Networks. ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR). 45(4): 1-47. PDF

Week 6: 11/8

Blockchain: Energy

Adjeleian, Prundeanu, Kim. (2018). Breaking the Stagnant Spell: How Blockchain is Disrupting the Solar Energy Industry. SSRN. Pp. 1-19. PDF

Networks: Digital Practices 

Orlikowski, W.J. and Scott, S.V. (2015). The algorithm and the crowd: considering the materiality of service innovation. MISQ. 39(1): 201-216. PDF

Week 8: 12/6


Other Materials

Blockchain: Ripple credit network

Moreno-Sanchez, P., Modi, N., Songhela, R., Kate, A., & Fahmy, S. (2017). Mind Your Credit: Assessing the Health of the Ripple Credit Network. PDF 

Blockchain: Supply Chain

Allen, D.W.E., Berg, C., Davidson, S., Novak, M., Potts, J. (2018). Blockchain TradeTech. APEC Study Centres Consortium, May 2018, Papua New Guinea. PDF

Blockchain: Monero

Miller, A., Möser, M., Lee, K., & Narayanan, A. (2017). An Empirical Analysis of Linkability in the Monero Blockchain. PDF

Blockchain: Bitcoin network mapping

Maesa, D., Marino, A. & Ricci, L. (2017). Data-driven analysis of Bitcoin properties: exploiting the users graph. Int J Data Sci Anal. PDF

Blockchain: AI 

 Swan, M. (2015). Blockchain Thinking: The Brain as a DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporation). IEEE Technology and Society. 34(4):41-52. PDF

Blockchain: Supply Chain (collateralization)

Nelson, J.S. et al. (2017). Sweetbridge White Paper. PDF 

Blockchain: Health  

Snow, P., Deery, B., Lu, J., Johnston, D. & Kirby, P. (2014). Business Processes Secired by Immutable Audit Trails on the Blockchain. Factom White Paper. PDF

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