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New Business Ideas wiki

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 CONSUMER ELECTRONICS – PCs/Software/Wireless Gadgets  

  • Ubiquitous free high-speed (20 GB min) broadband
  • Better batteries or other way of powering consumer electronics, laptops, smartphones, etc.: wireless electricity, long-life light-weight sustainable material batteries, etc.
  • Easier way to transfer everything over to a new machine, all electronic gadgets have more frequent upgrade cycles, including a printable/savable list of all applications installed
  • Free tech helpline with profile-matched call handlers (ethnicity, culture, gender, etc.)
  • Mobile phones & cases that fit conveniently in computer bags/purses not for belts
  • Less obtrusive lifecamming/lifecasting/lifecapture equipment rig
  • Stylish computer bags on wheels so don't need to lug around laptop, cords, gadgets, etc.
  • Built-in DVI adapter for Macs to access LCD projectors
  • Unconference liveboard/mediatronic paper for mobile check of board updates 



  • Social networking as a property of every website 
  • del.icio.us for people (a way to tag people in address books and social networks so they can be contacted easily with one click to pass on a news article, info etc.)
  • Tags 2.0 - receive a notification anytime anything (person, information, etc.) anywhere on public web sites is tagged with pre-specified affinity interest tags
  • Wi-Finder - free wifi hotspot finder for the mobile phone (silent mobile phone notification when in a free wifi area)
  • More in-depth Yelp-like health care provider reviews & recommendations
  • InterpretMyXray.com - web 2.0 app where individuals can post their x-rays and other electronic files for wisdom of crowds / mechanical turk-like interpretation 



  • Easier means of passing through airport boarding pass / luggage check & security
  • Temperature-adjustable smart clothing to dial up the heat in cold conference centers and offices, dial up the cooling in other situations
  • Female owned/run auto dealership/online car ordering service
  • Design your own clothing website
  • 3-d body-scanning booth for perfectly tailored clothing
  • Less chemically caustic and process intensive anytime color reprogramming hair color 



  • Political mashups merging campaign contribution data, legislator voting records and awarded public contracts
  • Aggregated web app for individuals with one view of investment, political campaign contributions and charitable giving activity 



  • Product ratings including local/sustainable information
  • Google mobile map mashups with overlaid locations of organic products and cheap gas
  • Public composting projects
  • Plastic bag recycling program
  • Bio-remediation compounds to dissolve land-fill waste, etc.


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