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Practial Questions for Physicians Wiki

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Patient as advocate: questions for physicians

Excerpted from “How Doctors Think” – Jerome Groopman, MD



  • What else could it be?
  • Are you considering anything else?
  • Is there anything that doesn’t fit?
  • Could it be more than one problem?
  • What other part of my body is in this area?



  • What has changed over time?



  • Is the treatment you propose standard? Are there less invasive, simpler alternatives?
  • How does your insurance reimbursement vary for the treatment options?
  • How time-tested is this treatment?
  • Do different specialists recommend different approaches?
  • Is there another course of treatment we could try?
  • What do you mean by improvement? (e.g.; cure or slight amelioration)



  • How did you select that drug to prescribe?
  • What is the expected efficacy of the drug?
  • Do you have a relationship with the drug manufacturer? Has the company ever given you…
    • any gifts, support to attend or speak at a conference, educational grants or clinical trials sponsorship?



  • May I contact some other patients who have seen you for this condition? 
  • Check doctor reviews at www.yelp.com


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