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Singularity Index

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Singularity Index and VC Watch List

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Public companies: (note: the author may own stock in the below companies)

AONE, A123 (battery)

GERN, Geron (telomerase inhibitors)


Life sciences


ISRG (robotic surgery)

ARAY (cyberknife radiosurgery)

MYGN (BRCA/B patents)

CYTX (Cytori Therapeutics, cardio stem cell therapies, San Diego, CA)


Computing and materials

LWLG, Lightwave Logic (photonic computing)


Private company watch list:


Kiva Systems, Woburn MA (industrial robotics, mobile warehouse automation)

Hanson Robotics, Dallas TX (personal robotics, empathic robots)


Artificial Intelligence

Vitamin D, Menlo Park CA (video surveillance software using Numenta HTM technology)


DNA synthesis labs

New England BioLabs, Ipswich MA

Ginkgo BioWorks, Boston MA

DNA 2.0, Menlo Park CA


Brain-computer interface (BCI) and brain coprocessor

Eos Neuroscience, San Francisco CA and Los Angeles CA (neuromodulation (using energy to perturb neural activity; single-cell optical targeting)



Elixir Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge MA (insulin management therapies based on knocking out the hormone ghrelin or its receptors to improve triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and overall resistance to obesity)

Epeius Biotechnologies, San Marino CA (Rexin-G, a tumor-targeted injectable gene delivery system)

FoldRx, Cambridge MA (small molecule therapeutics to treat protein misfolding diseases, and bind and clear undesired molecules)

Gencia Corporation, Charlottesville VA (mitochondrial DNA rejuvenation using the rhTFAM (recombinant-human mitochondrial transcription factor A) protein)

Genscient, Fountain Valley CA (novel chronic disease therapeutics by combining genomics and selective screening (a large Alzheimer’s Disease genetic study is in progress with Kronos and TGen))

Knome, Cambridge, MA (whole human genome sequencing (consumer offering))

Neotropix, Malvern PA (oncolytic viruses for the treatment of solid tumors)

Pentraxin Therapeutics Ltd, London (small molecule drug CPHPC targeting and removing SAP (serum form of amyloid P) in Alzheimer’s Disease)

Repeat Diagnostics, Vancouver BC (telomere length measurement for total lymphocyte and granulocyte populations (consumer offering))

Retrotope, Los Altos Hills CA (using isotope effect to slow down damage pathways and control metabolic processes associated with oxidative stress)

StemCor Systems, Inc., Menlo Park CA (bone marrow harvesting system)

T.A. Sciences, New York NY (telomerase activation via the single molecule TA-65, licensed from Geron Corporation (consumer offering))

TriStem Corporation, London (retrodifferentiation technology to create stem cells from mature adult cells)


Personalized cancer treatment and stem cell research

CollabRx, Palo Alto CA

Foundation Medicine, Cambridge MA

StemLifeLine, San Carlos CA


Next-generation Biotech

Aileron Therapeutics, Cambridge MA (stapled peptides; folding peptides in alpha-helical structure to target the 80% of proteins that cannot be targeted currently with small molecules and biologics)

Archimedes, San Francisco CA (virtual twin patient modeling; mathematical models of human physiology, diseases, interventions and healthcare systems)

Aushon Biosystems, Billerica, MA (the premier global provider of microarray instrumentation and services used for genomic and proteomic arrays)

Gene Network Sciences, Cambridge, MA (Mathematical modeling (with the REFS™ (Reverse Engineering/Forward Simulation) platform) at the molecular level, looking at biological relationships among genes and proteins, disease progression, and drug efficacy and toxicity for drug development)



BIND Biosciences, Cambridge MA (anti-cancer nanoparticles)


Energy, smart grid, lighting

1366 Technologies, N. Lexington MA (solar at the cost of coal)

Silver Spring Networks, Redwood City CA (smart grid equipment, smart meters)

QD Vision, Watertown MA (LEDs using quantum light optic technology)

Bloom Energy, Sunnyvale CA (fuel-cell tech)


Synthetic biology - fuel

Sapphire Energy, San Diego CA (algal fuel) 

Synthetic Genomics, La Jolla CA (algal fuel, methane)

Amyris Biotechnologies, Emeryville CA (ethanol)

LS9, South San Francisco CA (petroleum)

Gevo, Englewood CO (biobutenol)

SynGest, San Francisco CA and Oelwein, IA (BioAmmonia from biomass)

AE Biofuels, Cupertino CA (biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol)



Tesla Motors, Menlo Park CA (electric vehicles)

Better Place, Palo Alto CA (electric vehicles)

Coulomb Technologies, San Jose CA  (electric vehicle recharging stations)



Slingbox, Foster City CA (video content portability)

Mediafly, Chicago IL (internet-delivered content)





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