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DIYgenomics citizen science experiments

  • Direct-to-consumer genomics SNP/locus comparison by condition
  • Replicate, extend and develop new studies linking genotype with phenotype/behavior
    • MTHFR mutation, Vitamin B12 deficiency
    • Are you a bad driver? Examine BDNF genotypes and driving records
    • Determine the SNP and genotype profile for Viagra metabolism
    • APOE4 genotyping together with mid-life cholesterol management programs
    • Novelty seeking genotypes together with behavioral data
    • Apply SNP values from the Boston University centenarian study to corresponding phenotypic markers of aging
    • Apply genotype/pharmacogenomic associations found in the PharmGKB database
    • Tie certain genotyping data to environmental data: toxins, stress, etc.
  • Apply traditonal economic/financial risk models to multigenic disease risk prediction
  • Assemble a list of core SNPs/loci that should be reviewed in any genomics disease analysis

DIYgenomics citizen science ethics and standards

  • Citizen science analog of an IRB (institutional review board)/ethics committee for human biomedical research
  • Standards development for citizen science
    • Standard means of citizen participation (e.g.; question posing forums)
    • Particpant acknowledgement: Anonymous,Nonanonymous
    • Nomenclature


Personal Genome Analysis Startups


Open science resources



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Contact: m AT melanieswan.com


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