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Open science resources

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DIYgenomics - open science resources

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General information:


Information provided by Joseph Jackson:

  • Synaptic Leap/ Tropical Disease Initiative hasn't really taken off.  Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative, DNDi and One World Health are more just virtual Phrama but sort of related--proves you can develop a drug at much less cost than the stated 800 million or 1 billion.  Myelin Repair Foundation has a good talk at Bil:Pil where the guy explains they basically use an open source style model only limited to the confines of the organization.  They got a candidate target ready to license in only 5 yrs vs typical 10-14.  The reason this worked so efficiently is because of the unique collaboration they coordinated among their participants.  http://bilpil.com/
  • PIRPA, public resource for intellectual property in agriculture tries to address access to molecular biology technologies for humanitarian purposes.  
  • Finally, Sage Bionetworks of course got a lot of buzz and $... will be a while before it produces something.   






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