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Philosophy Projects (2013)

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Philosophy Projects

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Please contact m AT melanieswan.com with any comments, resource suggestions, and potential collaborations.


  • Continental Epistemology: Develop a comprehensive Continental Epistemology in the value system of continental philosophy (not merely continental philosophy's response to traditional epistemic issues)
  • Obsurantism Analysis: Identify, structure, and investigate the deliberate obscurantism in French/Continental philosophy (e.g.; Bourdieau's is different than Foucault's and both have a structure and style)
  • Text with or without Author: One one hand the text should stand on its own without the author being considered (Barthes, Foucault), but on the other hand people are self-labeling with ever more identity politics categories, so we want to hear the queer Islamic feminist point of view on topic x.
  • Personal Identity rethinking - antiFoucauldian, other dimensions
  • Play 2.0
  • Life 2.0 Ethics of Perception
  • Top 10 List
  • Book on Mallarme
  • Paper: Heidegger and Ranciere (ereignis)
  • Paper: Bergson, QM, Ranciere
  • Aesthetics: How is/isn’t New Media the New Avant Garde? what political agenda does new media have? What is the social/political role of New Media? (Adorno/Benjamin analysis)
  • Aesthetics: Role of SciArt practice - sci->diysci; art->citizen art; Science/DIY science transition - how is Artworld/citizen art transition/reaction to be? Science - more tangible - appreciation that, and curiosity about how Internet models might help with the practice of science - collaboration - understand selves as node in expanding ecosystem of who can do science; what is art, who can do art, who recognizes and inculcates (ww....from Fr Crit) art; when Christine puts it in the Whitney or x in the Tate
  • Different in Deleuze and Equality in Ranciere
  • Power: Foucault, Dussel, Ranciere


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