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Definitions of Innovation

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Intellectuality wants the singularity too! There are many definitions of innovation - they all seem to be saying the same thing in different ways: 


  • Technology / Singularity University definition (traditional): how can we function in a world of accelerating change in many different areas to synthesize these changes to have a useful impact on the world
  • Rhetoric definition: What is rhetoric, living in the modern world, and innovation? The art of circumstantial proprietary (it is not fixed, it is perspectival, multiple in a decentered world with everything moving where you are a constitutive constituent of the world sense-making in a moving world vs delineated structures, morality, etc.) (per Daniel Coffeen)
  • Rancierean Philosophical definition: Appreciating that there are different modes of making sense of the world and that emancipation is being able to shift through these modes.
  • Contemporary Emancipation Philosophies definition: 
  • Art Theory definition: 


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