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Injustice List - Illiberty (redirected from Injustice List)

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Taking up new/unseen areas of social injustice, inequality, and illiberty such as biohacking, personal data rights, neuro-diversity, and post-scarcity economics


  • Liberty - the concept
  • Mind Liberation from Work in the Corporation, Working for Others
  • Conduct of scientific research, biorights, biohacking, the biocitizen
  • Neuro-diversity, ASD (autism spectrum disorder), introversion, mind emancipation
  • Personal data rights: personal genome data, pacemaker/biometric data, neuro data stream
  • Automation economy, post-scarcity economy, survivability allowances (knowledge workers and the programming industry – the new proletariat?)



  • Examine the historical conceptual development of social justice and equality philosophies (decolonialism, feminism, queer theory, transgender, neurodiversity, polyamory)
  • Develop illiberty concept drawing on: Derrida (democracy to come – inherent illiberty in conceptualization of liberty), Ranciere (emancipation), de Soto (responsibility-taking maturation), and Dussel (Liberty recast as Liberation)


Blog post 3/2/14

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